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October 23, 2020 – Parent Memo


LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Follow us on Instagram @shamrock1620marlborough  Parent Memo: October 23, 2020   PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: As we all enter the dreaded cold and flu season, we are going to be more vulnerable this year than in previous years. We so appreciate all the support we have received from our families so far, and we continue to ask for that support as we enter this crucial season. Again, I reiterate that every family needs to have a “Plan B” in place just in case there are school closures. What’s the Boy Scout motto? Be Prepared. They knew what they were [...]

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October 9, 2020 – Parent Memo


Parent Memo: October 9, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Wednesday was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. A group of our 4th graders decided to take it upon themselves, completely independently, to pray the Rosary during their recess for safety and peace in our country. The group was organized and led by Sophia Long and Gia Khang VoNguyen and attended by Sandy Jimenez-Martinez, Brynna Koorsen, Drew Tagne, Evelyn Orzech, Eden Hibler, Kaitlin Martin, and Madison Bentz. The prayers of children get to God faster, and we thank them for their caring spirits. In Service, Ms. Laura [email protected]   SCHOOL UNIFORM REMINDERS [...]

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October 2, 2020 – Parent Memo


Parent Memo: October 2, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Please be reminded that the students’ mid-trimester progress reports are completed and online for viewing through their Gradelink portal. Please take a look at them prior to your parent/teacher conference and contact your teacher with questions or concerns. In Service, Ms. Laura [email protected]   HALLOWEEN DRESS DOWN CLARIFICATION I realized after I had noted on the calendar below regarding Halloween Dress Down Day that “masks” mean different things around Halloween time. When I noted that kids can wear Halloween-themed masks, I mean the Covid 19 facial protection masks that we have been wearing since [...]

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September 25, 2020 – Parent Memo


Parent Memo: September 25 , 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Progress reports go online on September 30th. Please realize that this report is exactly what its name indicates, “Progress.” It is not the final or complete grade for the trimester. It’s just a snapshot of your child’s current achievement and helps to inform on areas where the child may need to build up. Progress reports are available on Gradelink, so log into your account and check those on September 30th. Please note that the reports are not yet up-to-date until September 30th and your teachers may still be updating grades prior to that [...]

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September 18, 2020 – Parent Memo


PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: This marks the one-month anniversary of starting school. We are pleased and grateful with all the cooperation from our families in helping us to keep the children safe even though we know it has often been an inconvenience. So far, so good, and looking toward the future! In Service, Ms. Laura [email protected] PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES Forms to register for upcoming parent/teacher conferences will be coming home by today for all classes. Please read the forms, complete and return by deadline listed on form. Also note that parent/teacher conferences are not mandatory for all parents, but any parent can request one [...]

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