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Parent Memo 5/8/20

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Parent Memo: May 8, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: I have been asked by a number of parents if the school will be offering any kind of summer program this year. The answer to that is a big “IF.” The opening of schools may be allowed “IF” the governor designates that schools are […]

Parent Memo 5/1/20

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Parent Memo: May 1, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Believe it or not, it’s MAY and we are heading into the home stretch of our distance learning adventure. Since we were not able to participate in a number of activities that usually take the students’ time away from class, we will be able […]

Parent Memo 3/13/20

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Dear Parents, I have always followed the maxim of “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” To this end, the school has put in place a number of contingency plans should different situations arise. We have been notified by the Diocese of Raleigh that we are to follow the lead of our […]

Parent Memo 3/6/20

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Parent Memo: March 6, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: A mistake was made with the 2nd trimester honors that needs to be corrected. Mia Crosby was inadvertently awarded 2nd honors, but in truth, had earned 1st honors for the 2nd trimester. Well done Mia, and keep up the super work! In Service, Ms. […]

Parent Memo 2/21/20

Parent Memo: February 21, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Shout-Out’s for this week go to: Nicholas – gr 7 – Yesterday as we were going into Mass, Nicholas noticed that one of the door greeters was missing, so once he settled his little prayer partner in the pew, Nicholas went to fill in for the missing student […]

Parent Memo 2/7/20

Parent Memo: February 7, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Shout-Out’s for this week go to:  David P. – gr 7 – David went out of his way to help a 5th grader who was struggling with his Math homework during Study Hall. Kinley D. – gr KG – Kinley was being very helpful to a student who accidentally spilled […]

Parent Memo 1/31/20

Parent Memo: January 31, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Leading by example, this week’s Shout-Outs go to: Charlotte  – gr 4 – Charlotte picked up trash on the church lot side as she was getting in her car. She knew there wasn’t a trashcan around so she put it in her backpack to take home and throw […]

Parent Memo 1/24/20

Parent Memo: January 24, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Leading by example, this week’s Shout-Outs go to: Azaleyah , gr 5, Azaleyah helps her classmates by encouraging them and remaining positive and eager to learn. When given a new assignment, her first instinct isn’t to moan and groan but to look forward to completing it. She is […]


PARENT MEMO           Tuesday, January 21, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Catholic Schools Week is a week-long celebration of Catholic schools. Catholic schools have long proven their benefits in academic excellence. Numerous studies over the years have supported this. So why not stop and celebrate it a little?!?!?! This is a special addendum newsletter outlining the Catholic Schools […]


PARENT MEMO           Friday, January 17, 2020 PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: The New Year is starting out strong for us at school. We are busy working and looking forward to Catholic Schools Week, running from January 25 – 31. Stay tuned for communication regarding special fun days and events. Shout-Outs for this week will be announced next Friday. […]