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Parent Memo 2/9/18


 Dear Parents,

We have been informed of an anomaly with our computerized grading program which may be affecting the overall averages for the student grades. We have figured out how to correct the mistake. Basically, the computer will only correctly average grade categories that are reported on a 100 point scale consistently in each category. Certain categories, like homework, for example, are currently being reported on a 10 point scale. Thus the computer has been averaging them incorrectly which impacts the final grade. Our teachers will be going back and changing the grades that are posted on the 10 point scale to grades that reflect the 100 point scale. Thus, a 9/10 becomes a 90/100, a 7.5/10 becomes a 75/100, etc..Then the computer will average all the categories with their proper weights because all of the categories are operating with the same denominator. We have been changing a few as test cases and have not experienced that it impacts the overall grades much. It actually has been advantageous in many cases, but we want to be correct because the final report card at the end of the year is considered a legal document and accuracy counts. You will see the grades for semester 2 that are reported on a 10 point scale to start changing to grades using the 100 point scale soon as teachers begin working to make the corrections so that they will be reflected on the 2nd trimester report cards. We plan to go back and make the changes to 1st trimester  grades for consistency as well, but this will take time, so we will have to do it during the 3rd trimester. The final grade for the year will then reflect the average of 3 correct trimesters.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and confusion, but I felt full transparency was important. I made the mistake, I will fix it. The teachers were inputting and operating under my directives, so the mistake was mine. I should have caught this sooner, but every grading program is different and I had no previous experience with Headmaster. Now that I understand how it averages, I can closely audit that the changes and corrections get made. I will also be auditing the honors awards from trimester 1 and any student who should have received honors in trimester 1 and did not because of this grading program problem will receive their appropriate honors. Please contact me with questions, concerns or needed clarifications.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]


  • Due Friday, March 9th by Noon – Sacramental Form, Baptismal Certificate and Fee for Materials to Trish in the Church Office
  • Saturday, March 24th
    • 10am-12pm (Noon)  – First Reconciliation Workshop  – Josh will meet with English speaking parents and Inés will meet with Spanish speaking parents during this time (In the School)
    • LUNCH – 12:00-1:20pm – Fr. Kennedy Social Hall will be a place for lunch for those who want to bring their lunch.
    • 1:30pm – 3:30pm – First Eucharist Workshop (In the School)
  • April 21st @ 10am – First Reconciliation for Students ONLY with Fr. Greg and Fr. Rob – Parents will need to go at another time
  • May 11th @ 6:30pm – First Communion Rehearsal
  • May 12th @ 10am – First Communion Mass (Fr. Greg presiding, Fr. Rob concelebrating, Deacon Vince deaconing, possible Deacon Ramon too)

Registration paperwork has gone out and you may fill out the paperwork hard copy or re-register through Headmaster.  Please register by the end of February. If you know that you will be leaving us, for whatever reason, please let us know that as well.  Know that we will miss you.


February 1, 2018, the application process begins for the Opportunity Scholarships and the first round of applications ends March 1, 2018.
Renewal applicants get first priority if they apply before the March 1st deadline. An overview of the scholarship is posted on the website at http://www.neseaa/edu/pdf/OPS_OVERVIEW.pdf.


On behalf of the Diocese of Raleigh Office of African Ancestry Ministry & Evangelization (AAMEN) and Native American Catholic Community, a scholarship opportunity for African-American and Native American students is available. This Tuition Assistance Award is for the 2018-2019 school year.

The funds for the awards come from the Black & Indian Missions grant awarded to the AAMEN office. Over the years, the office has provided funds to the Catholic Schools of the Diocese. For the past decade, the focus has shifted towards family assistance instead of schools; thus financially eligible families, regardless of school, are encouraged to apply.

Please use the following link to access the applications: https://raldioc.configio.com/go/aamen-tuition-assistance. The application link will be available online from January 28, 2018 @ 12 am – March 18, 2018 @ 12 am.


Summer camp at St. Patrick is on its way! This summer our program will be “A Star Gazer’s Guide to the Galaxy.” We will be exploring space, swimming, playing games, exploring new books, and expanding our faith. The camp day is packed with science, art, faith, team-building, math, reading activities and many opportunities to play and develop teamwork skills. We look forward to another exciting camp season. Watch for more information coming soon on the school website and newsletters.

REMINDERS FOR THE WEEK OF February 12 – February 16:
Wednesday, Feb 7th – 4th grade retreat
Friday, Feb. 9th—Middle School Dance 6-9pm

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