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Parent Memo 5/4/18


Wow…it’s the last month of school! This year has zipped by. Please make sure you read all announcements in the Parent Memo as well as the newsletters from the class teachers. There’s a lot going on at this time of year and we want to make sure you don’t miss anything. The countdown as started!

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]

WE RECEIVED OUR ACCREDITION AGAIN: We received notice yesterday from AdvancEd through the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges that the school received accreditation for another 5 years!!!! Not that I was worried, but it’s nice to have it confirmed. The report applauded many positives at the school and outlined recommendations for growth, which we will address in the action plan. School improvement is a continuous journey, much like self-improvement. Schools are living entities filled with little living individuals, so it must constantly adjust and readjust to meet ever-changing needs. The overall goal is to continue moving forward to accomplish our goals.

MAY CROWNING: We will be celebrating May Crowning to honor our Blessed Mother on May 10th after the school Mass. During the May Crowning, students and parishioners will place a flower at Mary’s feet. Each student is asked to bring in a single flower for Mary. Flowers are to be brought in on Thursday morning and given to the teacher to keep fresh until the crowning. Thank you for your assistance in our adoration of the Blessed Virgin.

SPRING FINE ARTS FESTIVAL:  St. Patrick’s Spring Fine Arts Festival will be held Tuesday, May 8th at 6:30pm in St. Brigid Hall. This is a mandatory performance for all students and counts as a significant portion of your child’s Music grade. Students must report to their classrooms by 6pm. Concert attire for this year’s spring program is as follows: White t-shirt, blue jeans, belt, school shoes, and socks. Jeans and shirts, of course, should have no tears or holes.

Artome –Following the musical portion of the Spring Fine Arts Program, a spectacular art show will happen throughout the school.  In the conference suite, each student in grades Pre-K through Eighth Grade have a framed Masterpiece on display. You will be able to purchase your child’s original framed masterpiece and reproductions.

HIGH SCHOOL FEASIBILITY STUDY: The Diocese of Raleigh has announced that they have embarked on a formal feasibility study to determine if they can open a Catholic High School in the Fayetteville region. The Chapel Hill area and Fayetteville area will be studied next year (2018-2019) with other potential areas the year after. Lifting up prayers for a favorable finding.

ANNUAL MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS AWARDS BANQUET:  Recognition of all the hard work our sports teams put in this year will be held on Thursday, May 17th in Kennedy Hall.

SCIENCE NIGHT THANK YOUS: Many thanks to the parents, teachers and students who helped Ms. Miller make Family Science Night a success. Except for the snafu with the pizza arriving late, the event was a success. Ms. Miller would like to recognize: SPCS Staff: Tony Valente, Amanda Rogers, Pam Carroll, Deb Rosenberg, Lucy Berndt, Julie Cummins, Mariamelia Matuszewski and Jodie Ottilige. PARENTS by last name: Ewart, Wenthur, Vela, Klickman, Leclair, Wolters, Campbell, Chapman, and Nguyen. The PTO board members for running the hospitality in Kennedy Hall and STUDENTS: Jaslynn Thomas, Meredith Wenthur, Brandon Nicolas, Daisy Barbour, Kaleb Fetzer, Grace Weis, Stuti Mehti, Sara Uharriet, Nicholas Mason, Chris Ewart, Natalie Kim, Matthew Riley and Jilleen Bailer. Hopefully we haven’t forgotten anyone but if we accidentally did, your participation was much appreciated!!

SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP: St. Andrew’s University in Laurinburg, NC is hosting a Summer 2018 Girls Basketball Camp. The Fundamental Camp runs from June 10-13 and is open to students in grade 4 and up. You can register online at http://www.knightsbasketballcamps.com. The camp is not associated with St. Patrick School but we agreed to help them get the word out.

 UNIFORM SHOE CHANGE FOR NEXT YEAR: I’ve received some inquiries regarding the type of shoes that can be worn next year. Therefore, I have included some links below that show the type of shoe that will meet the new dress code standard.  By no means am I promoting a certain brand and you don’t have to buy only the shoes in the link, but just to help give a visual idea of what we are expecting. I searched
“black leather athletic shoe for kids” on Amazon in order to get the pics. The shoe can be any brand and lace up or Velcro closures, but solid black (including sole) and leather or leather-like. No canvas or cloth and no high tops are allowed. If the shoe has a tiny logo in color, then just take a black Sharpie and color it in. If you are not sure if the shoe is going to meet dress code, be on the safe side and email the picture to me for approval before buying it.




TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: Next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. The PTO will be generously hosting a lunch for our teachers and we will have some special appreciation “stuff” going on during the week. I can’t divulge the details because the teachers read this newsletter, but considering they work hard all year long, it’s nice to spend some time appreciating them.

FIELD DAY: Sadly, we got rained out, so Field Day has been moved to Tuesday, May 29th. Same fun and games. We just have to wait a little longer for it. If you are able to volunteer on this day, please email Mrs. Carroll at [email protected].  This will be the last opportunity to get your volunteer time.

SANDHILLS FARM TO TABLE: Locally grown fruits and vegetables, breads, cakes and jellies delivered directly to school for pickup on Thursday afternoons.   This is a wonderful way to help our local farmers and keep you out of the grocery store so often.   https://www.sandhillsfarm2table.com/home.php

SUMMER CAMP AT ST. PATRICK SCHOOL: Summer is coming, have you made plans for your children?  Download an application at http://www.stpatschoolnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Registration-Form-2018.pdf or pick one up in the school office.


Monday, May 7 –   National Teacher Appreciation Week begins

Tuesday, May 8-  Spring Fine Arts Festival

Wednesday, May 9-  Faculty Meeting and Pastoral Council Meeting

Thursday, May 10 – Holy Day – Feast of the Ascension – Mass will be at 10:00 followed by May Crowning

Friday, May 11 –  First Communion for 2nd graders will be tomorrow, Saturday, May 12th.

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