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Parent Memo 8/17/2018

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We are back to school!!! Can you believe how quickly the summer passed? I hope everyone had some rest and fun over the summer vacation. Our first 3 half days were smooth and the children got back into the groove. We were so happy to see them all and WOW there’s been a lot of growing in just 2 ½ months. Looking forward to a super year!

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]


WELCOME TO NEW FACULTY/STAFF and returning staff

We are happy to welcome our new faculty and staff this year.

Angela Nizza – 4th grade homeroom and 5th grade science

Elsa Baker – PreK Assistant Teacher

Michelle Schimp – 3rd grade Assistant Teacher

Iris Hoffman – Extended Care Supervisor (Mornings only)

Andy Baker – Director of Elementary Faith Formation for the parish and the school

Tori Chambers – Office Assistant


Below is our full roster of faculty and staff:  

PreK – Mrs. Matuszewski and assistant Mrs. Baker

KG– Mrs. Adorjan and assistant Mrs. Sexton

Grade 1 – Mrs. Cummins and assistant Mrs. Nicolas

Grade 2 – Mr. Valente and assistant Mr. Houston

Grade 3 – Mrs. Brunson and assistant Mrs. Schimp

Ms. Nizza–Grade 4 homeroom and all classes except Social Studies. She will also teach 5th grade Science

Mr. Appollonio – Grade 5 homeroom, Social Studies grades 4-8, 5th Grade Religion.

Mrs. Rogers – Grade 6 homeroom, Grade 5 ELA and Math, Grade 6 ELA and Science

Ms. Miller – Grade 7 homeroom, Science – grades 7 and 8, Math – grades 6,7,8

Mrs. Shea – Grade 8 homeroom, Religion – grades 6,7,8, ELA grades 7,8;

Mrs. Jarman assistant to Grs. 4-8

Mrs. Carroll – PE, all grades

Mrs. Szopinski – Music, all grades

Ms. College – Art and Computer – all grades

Mrs. Ottilige – Library – all grades

Mrs. Floyd – Spanish – K- 5 and middle school electives

Jennifer Mathieu – Administrative Assistant

Tori Chambers – Office Assistant



Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are having a few glitches that we need to iron out, which is normal for this time of year when we have new families joining us. Please note that in the school lot, whether it is morning or afternoon, the traffic flows only one way. Drivers CANNOT go out the same place they entered because they are driving against the traffic. I know that perhaps the drive you entered through is closer for you to get out, but it creates significant jams in traffic, not to mention flaring tempers among the other parents who are following the rules. When you arrive for pick up, you come in through the entrance drive. If you park in the lot and bring your child in or pick up your child from the school, then you must get back into the traffic flow when leaving and go out the exit drive. Will you have to wait for the other cars to pass through the loop? YES. There is only one flow line and everyone must follow it. When everyone is abiding by the rules, pick-up takes no more than 10 minutes. Please do not drive around the pick-up line because you already have your kids and don’t want to wait. This is a safety issue for the children as they walk around the car to get in. No number of minutes saved by skipping these rules would ever account for the safety of our precious children, so please comply with the parking flow and it will go smoothly. If you have any questions, then please call the school.



Our school has a Facebook that pushes out important reminders, upcoming events and photos of children in different activities. Make sure you “friend” us so that you can stay informed. There is also a PTO Facebook that you can join. We will be developing more avenues of communication this year so stay tuned for that.



The 2018-2019 Family Handbook, school calendar, and class supply lists are on the school’s website at www.stpatschoolnc.org. Please check it regularly for updates and information.  For the Family Handbook, go to the main school page linked above, find the Information tab and choose “School Documents” from the drop down menu. Please read the Family Handbook as some procedures and policies have changed.


The most immediate policy change in the dress code regarding shoes. All shoes this year must be solid black athletic shoes only. No high tops, no Converse style shoes that have the canvas material, no Penny Loafers, slip-ons, etc.. It doesn’t have to be any particular brand and they can be found everywhere. Last weekend, I went to the mall, Kohl’s and Payless and found this type of shoe everywhere. About 95% of the students are complying and I greatly appreciate that, so I know the shoes are not so difficult to find. We have some students that are out of compliance and beginning next week, we will be notifying parents about this. There are example pictures the school’s Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/stpatrickschoolnc/, and also on the Flynn O’Hara website, https://www.flynnohara.com/School-Landing.aspx?scn=NC050, in our school uniform section, so please reference those sites for pictures of the required uniform shoe. We would like all students to be compliant by Monday, August 20th, please.


You get religion class every day at Saint Patrick Catholic School, but Edge Middle School Ministry can offer you a community of other kids learning how to keep Jesus at their side. Middle School can be tough. Growing up like you are now can be tough. Jesus and EDGE Middle School Ministry can help you with all of that while having fun and social events at the same time.


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