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Parent Memo August 30, 2019




PARENT MEMO           Friday, August 30, 2019






On Saturday, Sept. 7th, the parish will be having a fundraiser in honor of Patriot Day from 11:00am until 7:00pm. BBQ meal tickets are available for purchase. Meals are $8 and you can purchase your tickets from the school, the church office, or this weekend following Mass. All proceeds will benefit Folds of Honor, a scholarship program designed to help our deceased or disabled military service members’ family. As the largest ministry of the parish, the school supports this fundraiser and this worthy cause towards education of the children of our military who have given so much in the line of duty. They shouldn’t have to worry about the education of their children, so if we can do anything to help, we will.


Deadline for purchase of meal tickets is WEDNESDAY, SEPT 4th so they know how many meals to make. If you try to show up on the day and hope to buy a dinner on the spot, they may not have any extras.


Thank you so much for your support of this worthy cause.


In Service,

Ms. Laura   

[email protected]



I just recently found out that Fayetteville has a Christmas parade. What?!? Why is the school not part of that?!? I imagine a small float with a living nativity scene, kids dressed in costumes caroling, etc..all just thoughts now, and I’m certainly open to all ideas. However, I know I will need some help to pull this off. Does anyone have a vehicle that we could borrow (or you could drive) for the float? The parade requirements state that “The float platform should be at least 7 feet wide and 15 feet long with a fixed axle at/near the rear and a steerable axle at the front. Farm wagons make excellent platforms. Single or tandem axle trailers normally pulled by a car or truck are not desirable.” I can figure out all the other rules, but the most important thing is getting the vehicle first. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one, please let me know. Also, if you’d like to be on the newly created “CHRISTMAS PARADE FLOAT COMMITTEE”, shoot me an email. It’s another way to knock out those service hours. The parade is Saturday, December 14th, so I’d like to get the planning started next month so that we’re not crunching at the last minute. Thanks for any help you can offer.



The Spirit Shirts sold through the PTO are ordered and should arrive next week and be distributed the week of September 10th. We have a limited amount in stock for immediate purchase at the school office but not all sizes are available.


SAFETY ISSUE – PLEASE, PLEASE, we are begging now…..

At afterschool pick up, you cannot get out of line and go around other cars in front of you. There are children who walk around cars to get to the other side and you are at risk of hitting them. Yes, it means waiting a few minutes as the line moves, but for the safety of a child, a few minutes is worth the wait. Also, please do not text or facetime on your phones while picking children up. A distracted driver is just as dangerous in a busy parking lot or pick up line as he/she is on the road. It only takes a second to make a mistake that can have permanent consequences.



There will be an organizational meeting for the CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD event on Sunday, September 15, 2019, at 11:15 am in Fr. Kennedy Social Hall. Please join this meeting if you would like to have your country’s Christmas traditions as part of this event. CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD is a daylong celebration of the many different traditions of the cultures from around the world that are represented in our parish. There will be food, storytelling, skits, crafts and displays. For questions, please contact Jennifer Smith at [email protected] or Beth O’Leary at [email protected] or 910-323-2410 ext 133.



Please note the various communication avenues the school uses to get information and news out to families. This parent newsletter goes home every Friday, and it’s the most comprehensive regarding overall news of the school and upcoming events.


The school has two Facebook accounts. One is St Patrick Catholic School https://www.facebook.com/stpatrickschoolnc/ and the other is St. Patrick Catholic School Parents at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952892451443511/. The school posts the same information on both but the parent specific page is where parents sometimes pose questions to each other.


The school has a website that is updated regularly. This newsletter is also posted weekly on the website at https://stpatschoolnc.org/


We also have an Instagram account which you can follow at shamrock1620marlborough. I mostly post pics of happenings around school on this.


Of course the office can be reached by email or phone at any time. The phone number is 910-323-1865. I know the phone is often busy because we have a limited number of lines, so if you can’t get through, please email Jennifer at [email protected] or Elsa at [email protected], or me at [email protected]. Also, the teachers should have sent home their email contact information as well.








September 2          LABOR DAY – No School

September 3          Free Dress Day for kids whose parents got tickets at the Open House event

                             Volleyball home game vs Alpha Academy

September 4          Meeting of prospective Student Council Candidates (gr. 5-8) during lunch today

September 5          Volleyball away game vs Cape Fear

September 9          Volleyball away game vs Fayetteville Christian

September 10        PTO Board Meeting 5:30 pm

                             Student Voter Registration 11:30 – 12:00 (9/10 and 9/11)

September 12        Volleyball home game vs Northwood Temple

September 13        Student Council Candidacy Petitions due today



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