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Parent Memo 3/9/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Dear Parents, I hate to be a nag, but I need to make a couple of policy reminders: Please do not check your children out of school after 2:30. After 2:30, you will need to wait until dismissal, which is fast approaching. Before 2:30, you may check them out for required doctor’s appointment, […]

Parent Memo 3/2/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Dear Parents, On a somber note, the recent Parkland school shooting in Florida, and any school shooting for that matter, always generates yet another inspection of our own campus and a review of our own security systems to make sure we are as safe and secure as we can be. We do have […]

Parent Memo 2/23/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Dear Parents, The Accreditation Visiting Team finished their work and left yesterday afternoon. It was a good, productive visit and they had a very positive overall impression. They felt we had correctly identified our areas that need improvement and had an appropriate action plan in place. They can’t actually tell us if we […]

Parent Memo 2/16/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Dear Parents, It’s crunch time. The Accreditation Visitation Team will be on campus for three days this week reviewing our action plan for school improvement, talking to our students and getting a sense of who we are and the direction in which we want to grow the school. The three goals that the […]

Parent Memo 2/9/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER:  Dear Parents, We have been informed of an anomaly with our computerized grading program which may be affecting the overall averages for the student grades. We have figured out how to correct the mistake. Basically, the computer will only correctly average grade categories that are reported on a 100 point scale consistently in […]

Parent Memo 2/2/18

PRINCIPAL’S CORNER: Wow, we have had a great Catholic Schools Week. Lots of fun activities and a chance to interact in different ways. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who volunteered to plan, set up and carry out activities. Also, a State of the School memo was sent out earlier this week. Please […]